5 Reasons Women Love Period Undies

Sustainable, leakproof period undies, proudly born in the UAE.

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They’re extra comfortable.

You simply wear it like regular underwear, and it even feels the same. It’ll keep you dry and protected all day long. What a relief!

They protect you against leaks and stains.

With 360-degree protection, it’s almost impossible to suffer from a leak while wearing re period underwear. Your favorite whites will thank-you-later.

They work like magic for unpredictable flows.

We all need that extra protection (especially) on the heavy flow days. Just slip on a pair and go do your thing, worry-free.

They are not irritating to your vagina.

If you get itchy down there when using pads, period panties will become your ultimate go-to. They are breathable and can keep you dry and irritation-free throughout your period.

They come in all your favorite styles.

Let’s be real. We still want to feel good during our periods, that’s why re undies come in all styles we love. Briefs, hip huggers, boy shorts and thongs! Choose your favorite, and let’s re.


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