About Absorbant Underwear

Everything you need to know about leak-proof absorbent underwear, AKA period underwear.

Whether you’re tired of shifty pads and cardboard tampons, you’re dealing with irregular leaks, or just want a better feeling of security, your solution could just be leak-proof underwear.

You must have a few questions about period underwear… How are they washed? Are they dirty? Are they messy? Are they stinky?

And we’ll get to those. But first, a few things to get out of the way about period stigma.

• Our cycles in essence are a cleanse in which our wombs shed their lining completely from our bodies.
• Blood is not dirty, in fact menstrual blood consists of more than just pure blood, cervical discharge is also released.
• Aside from letting our menstruation come out of us, we also need to listen to everything our bodies are telling us. We don’t have to hate our periods!

    How period underwear works

    They work exactly the way regular underwear do.

    In fact, you’ll be able to completely switch over to using absorbent underwear for daily use, not solely during your menstruation. Collecting your daily discharge while keeping you fresh without having to wear panty liners daily, and when your period arrives, you’re secure!

    Our re: undies themselves consist of a few different layers, the inner and outer layer are made of bamboo fabric. Sandwiched in between is a leak-proof layer and an absorbent layer. And that’s all there is to it!

    We’re OKEO-TEX certified which basically means our undies have no chemicals in them.

    Menstruating people complained about rashes, itchiness or irritation from pads and tampons mentioned that that all disappeared after using our undies.

    How to wash period underwear

    Once you take your undies off, wash them under running water by hand. YES by hand! Let’s move past the period stigma!

    Squeeze the undies until the water starts running clear, it depends on your flow but it usually takes about 3 mins. Then wash your undies at 30 degrees celsius. You can wash them with your other clothes and even put them in a laundry bag if you choose.

    To dry them, they must be hung. Putting them in the dryer, using bleach or fabric softeners will ruin the integrity of the fabric.

    Where to buy period underwear

    Check out our styles here