manifesto – re: period underwear

re: allLoving our bodies is not easy when we’ve grown up with the pressure to act a certain way and have a certain body type, shape or color.

The truth is, for many years, we as women were taught to disconnect from ourselves, deny our symptoms, judge ourselves and each other because of our bodies and emotions. We were told to suppress what we feel and what is natural in us.


But that’s enough! It’s time we reconnect to our bodies and emotions. It’s time we undo years of generational conditioning and passed on stigma. We know it will take time to reverse this, however we believe it is necessary and we are on it.

re is about...

Being the woman you are, regardless of who you are told to be.

Accepting every part of yourself, no matter what it is & what it’s not

Retelling your story as a woman and reclaiming your power through all the cycles of leaks and cycles of emotions that come with them. 

That’s why we make leak-proof products available to meet your specific needs, the journey you are on right now & all the other ones that are yet to come. But it’s not just about the products we make, it’s also about the cultural narrative that we want to continue to shift and change.


re is a message & a call to action...

Re:love your body, leaks and emotions that come with them.

Re:align with who you really are and want to be.

Re:turn to your power as a woman.

Re:connect with what feels good to you.

Re:define what is normal.


As you go on doing that, we will be...

Re:inventing century old female underwear into a health tech opportunity.

Re:imaging revolutionary solutions in the fem-care industry, made just for you.

Re:adjusting equity for women everywhere.

Re:creating sustainable solutions that are good for you & the planet.

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